8 Important Facts About Pro Wrestling Stable BULLET CLUB

Bullet Club is a worldwide sensation, it gained popularity by calling a revolution against Japan’s strict wrestling regime.

However, new wrestling fans are not quite familiar with the history of the club and its evolution.

Today, in this blog, we will learn 8 important facts about the pro wrestling stable “Bullet Club”.  

1. When was the Bullet Club formed?

The bullet club was formed in May of 2013.

2. Who was the founder of the Iconic Bullet Club?

The founder of the Bullet Club was Prince Devitt, an Irish independent wrestler who cemented his presence in the NJPW by giving powerful performances.

Holding the Junior Heavyweight Championship 6 times and Junior Heavyweight Tag team championship 5 times, he worked hard to protect his title and rise to mainstream success.

Prince Devitt
Prince Devitt

However, as time flew by, he started to grow disillusioned as his talents were not recognized in Japan.

So, in an attempt at retribution, he chose to turn against his long-time tag partner to form the Bullet Club, along with Bad Luck Fale and Karl Anderson.

3. Why the name ‘Bullet Club’?

Back in 2012, Prince Devitt had a signature hand gesture popularly known as “Finger Gun”. And, Anderson was known as the “Real Shooter” and “Machine Gun”. Devitt took inspiration from both and gave the club its iconic name, Bullet Club. 

4. What is the club’s signature gesture?

Bullet Club's Too Sweet hand gesture
Bullet Club’s Too Sweet hand gesture

The members started using the Too Sweet hand gesture to pay homage to the New World Order (nWO) wrestling. After all, Devitt got the inspiration to form the Bullet Club based on the principles of nWO.

Hulk Hogan (a legendary figure of the nWo) making the nWo hand gesture
Hulk Hogan (a legendary figure of the nWo) doing the nWo hand gesture

5. What is the inspiration behind this iconic club?

Bringing in heel elements from the Western Wrestling world, especially the nWO, the bullet club introduced ground-breaking heel techniques and stunts in contrast to traditional wrestling techniques.

Some of their movements that shocked the crowd were Crotch Chops, blatant disrespect to match officials, and attacking opponents during a match. They wanted to create an all villain persona, shocking traditional Japanese fans. 


6. What does the club aspire to achieve?

The goal of the club was to break against the conventional structure of NJPW’s rigidity. They considered themselves rule-breakers, with dreams of climbing to the top, fighting against Japan’s established heroes.

Not caring about the means, they broke rules to protect their titles and remain at the top.

7. What was the storyline that lead to the formation of the Bullet Club?

The storyline that created the club was – Prince Devitt betraying his long-time tag team partner, Ryusuke Taguchi. The duo was popularly known as Apollo 55.

However, in 2013, Apollo 55 lost the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship to Time Splitters. 

Unable to deal with the defeat, Devitt hit his long-time friend and tag team partner, Taguchi. Proclaiming to be the “The Real Rock ‘n Rolla”, he joined hands with King Fale, leading to the formation of the Bullet Club.

8. Who were the Bullet Club’s key wrestlers?

The Bullet Club was conceptualized under the enigmatic leadership of Prince Devitt. Later, “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson joined the team when Devitt and Fale helped him defeat Tanahashi, once and for all. However, Devitt’s association with the club was short-lived. 

In 2014, exactly a year after the club’s incorporation, he was ousted by his team members. Few reasons, which lead to his exit, were his growing ego, and his inability to show respect, both to his partners and opponents. 

In an epic turnout, AJ Styles eventually overthrew Devitt to become the leader of BC. According to popular fan belief, it was under the leadership of AJ Styles that the club reached its worldwide prominence and popularity. 

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