Are Low Blows Allowed in Pro Wrestling?

Every wrestling fan loves to see a good display of attack skills. These attack skills could be the much-expected uppercut or the throat slap, repeated flying kicks, headbutt, or a low blow attack.

All these attacks always invoke a cheering reaction from the crowd. But an attack that has managed to stand out, giving the fans mixed feelings, is the low-blow attack. 

The low blow attack often leaves a distasteful atmosphere as some fans feel it is a cheat move and others take it as the survival of the fittest move.

Are Low Blow Groin Attacks Allowed in Pro Wrestling
Are Low Blow Groin Attacks Allowed in Pro Wrestling

What is a low Blow Attack?

A low blow attack is executed when a wrestler strikes their rival in their genital or groins. The attacker punches or kicks their contender to carry out this attack.

The low blow attack is also referred to as the groin attack because it also targets the groins. It is additionally nicknamed the ‘hook.’ 

The low-blow attack is controversial because most people know how excruciating it feels to be kicked in the genital or have anything snap at your groin!

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Despite the mixed feelings about low-blow attacks, many wrestlers still use the attack!

It was seen in Brock Lesnar vs. Braun Strowman, where the Undertaker suddenly appeared into the ring and took over the fight, attacking Brock Lesnar. 

He made his famous tombstone move, and without wasting time, he attacked Brock Lesnar with the low blow attack!

Are Low Blow Attacks allowed in Pro Wrestling?

If you watch enough wrestling matches, you would see the low-blow attack used at different fight levels, which brings us to the question of low blows permitted in pro wrestling.

Low blows are, in fact, not permitted in any wrestling. They are deemed unauthorized and illegal attacks and will result in disqualification.


These attacks are carried out when the referee is distracted and briefly takes his attention away from the fighters. He turns around to see one of the wrestlers wincing in pain, but he has no clue what has happened.

Groin attacks are also carried out intentionally and in a calculated move to get a disqualification. This move is used in the dying minutes in the WWE belt championship by the heels.

When a wrestler gets disqualified, the match is forfeited. And since the championship belt will not pass on unless the game is won fair and square, the champion gets to keep their belt to fight another day.

How is the Low Blow move Carried out?

The low blow move is carried out in two different styles. 

The first style is the unsuspecting straight kick to the rival’s genitals. It was this style Daniel Bryan used to win the 2018 WWE championship match against AJ styles.

Daniel dealt a low blow kick to AJ Styles, immediately adding a flying kick to the face that knocked AJ styles out cold.

The second method is a bit more dramatic and the more popular form. It is where the wrestler gets down on their knees, dealing a harsh and swift blow with his elbow joints, in between the opponent’s groin! 

This method is the same one Undertaker used on Brock Lesnar, sending him into a painful wince on the floor.

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