Do WWE Superstars Choose Their Theme Song? How?

Do WWE superstars choose their theme song?

Entrance song WWE

Theme songs are the lifeblood of a wrestler’s persona, they etch performances and memories into the minds of the WWE fans.

Some of the most iconic theme songs have had one of two effects, they have either sent a shiver down the spines of their opponents or created a happy sensation around the crowd.

The WWE is notorious for having some of the best theme songs in the industry, from the “In my veins” themes song for Randy Orton to the “Burn it down” chants by Seth Rollins.

But are these theme songs made by the wrestlers or the company itself?

Entrance song WWE

WWE is solely responsible for every theme song used by the wrestlers; the company hired in-house composers and has done so to avoid any copyright lawsuits.

The company has created several theme songs that have gone viral with the WWE universe and the globe.

How do WWE superstars choose their theme songs?

The right theme song can endear any wrestler to the fans, and picking the right one is as hard a move as anyone in the ring.

That’s why the WWE took the burden off the wrestlers and pick the theme songs for the wrestlers which is a measure to avoid any copyright lawsuits.

The WWE has been responsible for every wrestler’s theme song since the early 1980s when they hired Jim Johnston who has created some of the most iconic theme songs like Stone cold Steve Austin’s “I won’t do what you tell me”.

They also hired the CFO$ who have either written or produced WWE theme songs in recent times.

Jim Johnston claimed he did not have to work with any of the wrestlers to create their theme songs, he said in an interview.

He also suggested that he simply worked with something peculiar to the wrestlers whether it was size, gimmick or speed.

He would sometimes request footage of the wrestler to help him create songs that match the wrestlers fighting style or persona.

Are all wrestlers’ theme songs that include lyrics designed to sound like the wrestlers themselves sung it?

Some wrestlers have had a hand in the creation of their theme songs in recent times, and some have been actively involved to where they actually star in their theme songs.

John Cena had quite a lot of success with his involvement in his theme song, and several other WWE superstars have emulated this trend.

Well, I guess if you’ve had a hand in it you would like it to sound like you, so yes a lot of wrestlers who have lyrics and have actively been part of the theme song production will have the songs designed to sound like them.

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