Does WWE Add Sound Effects?

The sounds you hear in a WWE match come from five sources:

1. Microphones under the ring

Most pro wrestling promotions put microphones under the canvas so they can catch every hit and every slam during the matches.

2. Pre recorded crowd reaction

Many WWE fans are very despicable of this trick and consider it a dirty trick.

WWE is known for influencing the crowds by playing cheers or boos in order to push the crowd to react to a heel or face according to written scripts.

This video exposes different situations where WWE edited crowd reactions

3. Pro wrestlers slapping their own thighs

leg slapping in pro wrestling and WWE

This technique is used extensively by wrestlers when they deliver a high kick against their opponent.

This is a classic trick where the wrestler directs all the attention of the crowd towards their foot and the head of their opponent while using their hand to slap their thigh.

WWE has recently banned thigh-slapping after Vince McMahon noticed a very blatant thigh-slapping in a big WWE event.

Reportedly, Vince McMahon was infuriated and decided to ban this technique that he deemed bad for the industry of professional wrestling.

This video illustrates the best leg slaps in WWE along with the worst ones.

It also talks about how WWE banned this trick in 2021 and started fining its talent for using it

4. Stomping

This is also an old trick used in the world of professional wrestling.

When a pro wrestler delivers a punch, they simultaneously stomp the canvas with their back foot to produce a sound effect to the punch.

Also, foot stomp amplifies the impact of the punch and shows how powerful it is.

Notice how these wrestlers are stomping their feet while working on punches

Here is another example

5. Wrestlers beating their chest for haymakers

This is another old technique used in professional wrestling.

When a pro wrestler throws a haymaker with one hand their slap their own chest with the other hand.

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