Top 10 Wrestlers Who Left WWE For AEW

Since its inception in 2019, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has offered a new home to a lot of superstars that have run out of favor in the WWE in recent years. 

Below we shall look at some of the top wrestlers that made the good old switcheroo from WWE to AEW:

1. Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho signed a three-year contract with the AEW in January 2019 and went on to become the first-ever holder of the AEW World Championship. He probably will remain in the AEW for many years to come. 

Chris Jericho in AEW

2. ‘The Big Show’

‘The Big Show’, or as he is known by his real name, Paul Wight spent an impressive 22 years in the WWE but just recently signed for the AEW where he will wrestle and also do a bit of commentating work on the side.

The Big Show being welcomed in AEW
The Big Show being welcomed in AEW

3. Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy left the WWE and signed up for AEW under the moniker ‘Big Money’ Matt Hardy where he reverted back to his ‘broken’ gimmick and has had quite a number of impressive shows recently.

Matt Hardy in AEW

4. Sting

After a few frustrating injuries, the WWE refused to let Sting fight again but the AEW gave the old boy a chance to shine again and he has gone on to tuck a few good matches under his belt already. 

Sting in AEW

5. Christian Cage

At 47, many would think that Christian Cage’s glory days are well behind him but the AEW seems to think that he has more left in the tank. The next few months should give us a better idea of what he is still capable of. 

Christian Cage

6. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was part of the main roster in WWE where he performed under the ring name Stardust

Cody Rhodes

7. Rusev

He had a 10-year career in WWE under the moniker Rusev which he changed to Miro once he started wrestling for AEW in 2020.

Rusev aka Miro in

8. Dustin Rhodes

He wrestled in WWE from 1995 to 2019 under the ring name Goldust.

he is the son of WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and the half-brother of AEW wrestler Cody Rhodes.

Dustin Rhodes

9. Jon Moxley

He wrestled in WWE under the ring name Dean Ambrose

Jon Moxley

10. Shawn Spears

He wrestled in WWE under the ring name Tye Dillinger.

Shawn Spears

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