Top 9 Tag Teams In All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

1. THE YOUNG BUCKS – Matt and Nick Massie


The Tag-Team champions Matt and Nick Massie who are known in the AEW as (Matt and Nick Jackson) have been the top dogs in the Tag-Team division with amazing matches.

They are currently the longest-serving Tag-Team in the company’s history, the young bucks are at the top of the AEW tag team roster and intend to remain there. 

2. FTR – Cash wheeler and Dax Harwood

Former AEW champions Cash wheeler and Dax Harwood have been nothing but business since their arrival to the All-elite wrestling circuit in 2020, with the help of their manager Tully Blanchard the team has made themselves the leading pack in the company only losing their titles to The Young Bucks in the dream match of the AEW full gear PPV.

Both members of the FTR possess great strength and their mobility is a stark contrast to their size making them an amazing watch for the AEW faithful. 

3. THE ACCLAIMED – Max Caster and his partner Anthony Bowen

The freestyling Max Caster and his partner Anthony Bowen have made a name for themselves with Max Caster’s audacious freestyle and Anthony Bowen’s ridiculous gestures and facial expressions.

They have created a style unique to them and always have the attention of the crowd as soon as they make their entrance.

4. The Hybrid 2 (TH2) – Jack Evans and Angelico

TH2 has been a great addition to the AEW roster, they made their in-ring debut against Chuck Taylor and Trent (The best friends) at the inaugural PPV event “Double or Nothing” although they failed to secure the win, they put the Tag-Team roster on high alert.

TH2 has been involved in several high-profile matches with other tag teams where they have shown off their abilities in both singles and Tag-Team action. The confident duo has their eyes set on more gold in AEW. 

5. SoCal Uncensored – Christopher Daniels & Frankie Kazarian

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SoCal Uncensored is one of the most entertaining Tag-Teams in the AEW division, Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian broke into the AEW scene after stints in TNA and Ring of Honor where they were also Tag-Team partners, the veterans also enjoyed an amazing spell through 2021 where they were undefeated until Dynamite where they faced The Young bucks for the tag-team championships.

It was quite a grueling match with much emotion attached because of the scathing self-imposed stipulation that later proved to be the end of SoCal Uncensored as a Tag-Team.

6. Proud N’ Powerful – Santana and Ortiz

This tag team is like something out of a Latin gang movie, they epitomize brutality, violence and are extremely vicious.

Santana and Ortiz made their shocking debut at the TNT PPV where they put the Tag-Team champions The Young Bucks on notice of their intentions to run the whole Tag-Team division.

Santana and Ortiz have shown their relentlessly aggressive side in several matches with great success against the likes of The Young Bucks and Jurassic express.

Santana and Ortiz will have their eyes firmly set on the gold and their vicious nature makes you feel like it won’t be long before that happens. 

7. Best Friends – Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta

Since their arrival, Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta are among the most loved Tag-Teams on the AEW roster.

They have had some amazing matches against the likes of Santana and Ortiz, The Young Bucks and a few others.

Best Friends are loved by fans because of their antics and comedic chops, but Chuck Taylor and Trent become a different beast once the bell goes.

8. Private Party – Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen

On the 22nd of April 2019, the AEW announced the signing of the Private Party (Isiah Cassidy & Mark Quen), they made their professional debut at the Fyter Fest where they took on the team of Chuck Taylor and Trent Beretta (Best friends) and SoCal Uncensored.

Although they lost the match, Private Party gave a good account of themselves.

After the introduction, Isaiah and Mark got to work, taking on and defeating The Hybrid 2 and then competed in the AEW Tag-Team Champions Tournament where they faced off against the likes of the Young Bucks who they were able to defeat in the first round of the competition but later lost to the Lucha brothers.

Isaiah and Mark are creating their reputation as Tag-Team and only time will tell whether their reputations will get them the gold  

9. Death Triangle – PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo & Fenix

A sadistic creation of PAC’s twisted mind “Death Triangle”, Lucha brothers Penta El Zero Miedo and Fenix have teamed up with PAC as the Death Triangle.

The Tag-Team broke out in 2020 and seemed like a top-tier tag team.

All three members of the group are main event players and the fan base had high hopes for the team.

After the Pandemic Eddie Kingston and his family tried to beat down PAC and Fenix with Penta El Zero coming to their aid with a steel chair showing that the Death Triangle was back again and primed to take over the Tag-Team division. 

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