What Happened To The NWA (National Wrestling Alliance)?

The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) was at one time the biggest name in wrestling. This was way back before Vince McMahon decided to come in and take over literally everything in the wrestling world. 

This is hardly the case now as they are barely noticeable in the wrestling scene and not many wrestling fans of today even know of the existence of the NWA.

The NWA was established in 1948 and has its headquarters in Los Angeles, California. 

The 1980s brought with it a steady rise of the WWE, as it is known today, and this triggered the downfall of the NWA in a big way. 

Stars of the NWA
Stars of the NWA

What happened to the NWA?

In the year 1993, the biggest member of the NWA, World Championship Wrestling (WCW) decided to break away and fly solo.

This was just the first of many exits that would leave the NWA a shallow shell of its former glory.  

This was a massive blow to the NWA which led to its steady decline as the WWE took over the wrestling industry where it remains the most dominant force to this day.

A number of wrestling companies that collectively made up the NWA then also withdrew to run their own individual promotions and some of these include: 

  • The WCW (world championship wrestling) decided to go its own way in 1993. 
  • The ECW (Eastern Championship Wrestling) followed suit in August 1994 and withdrew from the NWA, and went on to change its name to Extreme Wrestling Championship.
  • Then lastly, TNA parted ways with the NWA in 2004 and this as many would say, would be the proverbial last nail on the coffin for the NWA.
Logo of the NWA

All in all, the NWA went from having the largest collection of wrestlers, promos, and titles in the world to being basically the laughing stock of the wrestling industry, sorry to say.

The territory system is all but forgotten now and the WWE is the major wrestling company in the USA, and in the world as well, distantly followed by the AEW, TNA, and ROH among others.

NWA Ric Flair and The Four Horsemen DESTROY The Road Warriors 06/21/1986

Where is the NWA now?

On May 1st, 2017, Billy Corgon bought off the NWA and all its trademarks and assets related to it. 

This deal was finalized on 1st October 2017 and with it, Billy Corgon was able to acquire the NWA as a whole.

Since then, the NWA has done its utmost best to stay relevant by joining forces with other wrestling promotions such as Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and ALL IN. 

Although the NWA has taken a thorough pounding over the years and is struggling to stay afloat at the moment, their contribution to the world of wrestling can not be disregarded. 

They still continue to make a positive impact by helping jumpstart some of the new wrestling promotions that have recently been established like the WCW in 1985, followed by the ECW that used the NWA’s Heavyweight Championship until 1994 where they introduced their own ECW title and dumped the NWA.

Most recently in the early 2000s, the TNA also linked itself to the NWA when it brought in its former champions like Ricky Steamboat, Harley Race among others that helped kick it off the ground. 

Ric Flair was the biggest star of the NWA
Ric Flair was the biggest star of the NWA

Where to watch the NWA

  • FITE

Fans can subscribe to the NWA Powerrr for only $4.99 and enjoy three new episodes each month as well as the full catalog of all past and current NWA Powerrr shows.

This normally shows on Tuesday at 6.05 pm ET. 

  • YouTube

A little while back the NWA had deleted all its videos from their official YouTube channel but it’s good to see that they are back to uploading new videos now and even live streams too which is great for the fans. 

As it is now, the NWA does not have any major TV outlet and not many can say that it has a lot of value anymore. 

It is honestly a surprise that there are people that still watch it in this day and age. 

Future Predictions

The NWA seems to be doing all it can to stay relevant but, in all honesty, they will need to go over and beyond if they are to make any noticeable waves in the wrestling industry that is quite dominated now by the WWE.

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