Where Can I Train Pro Wrestling In Michigan?

1. The House of Truth

Pure Pro Wrestling School
Members of The House of Truth after a training session


Former Pro-Wrestling Champion turned renowned coach Truth Martini.

Programs offered

The House of Truth offers a 12-week training program for Wrestlers, Trainers, and Referees.

Top Features of the program

  • Basics of Professional Wrestling
  • Ring Psychology: training amateur wrestlers to develop mental resilience and character discipline
  • Etiquette management: what not to do in locker rooms and ring circuits

Minimum Age for enrollment

16+ with parental consent.

Fee Structure

The overall cost for the program is 2000 dollars.

Where to apply

Website: Here

Contact Information

Address: 25543 Van Dyke, Suite A, Centerline, MI 48015
Email: hotwrestlingschool@hotmail.com

2. Pure Pro Wrestling School

Pure Pro Wrestling School
Pure Pro Wrestling School

Program Offerings

For the Adult Training Program

  • Basics of professional wrestling
  • Confidence and strength building
  • Technique and performance development

For the Junior Training Program

  • Basics of Wrestling
  • Character development
  • Technique development

Where to apply: here

Fee Structure

  • For Adult training, contact their website to get a quote here.
  • For Junior training, the course fee is 20 dollars per class.

Contact information

Website: here
Address: 1160 Elms Rd, Flint, MI 48532, United States
Phone Number: +1 810-845-3962

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