Who Are The Best Pro Wrestlers in Limitless Wrestling?

Limitless Wrestling is an American independent professional wrestling league. Since its inception in 2015, Limitless Wrestling has attracted the interest of many people.

Below is a list of the 6 best wrestlers in Limitless Wrestling:

Please keep in mind that some of these wrestlers are free agents and wrestle for different promotions at the same time.

1. JT Dunn

JT Dunn
JT Dunn

Who else is worthy to claim this position? JT Dunn is currently at the best time of his wrestling career and has dominated Limitless Wrestling the entire time.

Some of the best wrestlers in the world (Cody Rhodes, Jonathan Gresham, and Super Crazy, to name a few) have journeyed to Westbrook, Maine to fight Pro Wrestling’s Savior, only to be defeated.

2. Anthony Greene

Anthony Greene
Anthony Greene

Anthony makes our list as the 2nd best Limitless Wrestler because of his undeniable wrestling achievement.

Anthony Greene and Ace Romero were only TWO MONTHS away from being the first tag team to go two years undefeated until their tag team loss at “Nothing Gold Can Stay” in July.

One setback, however, can not cover up their 13 victories in a row within a Limitless Wrestling ring.

AG has already defeated Paul London, The Maine State P Weisse, and Donovan Dijak this year (twice) on September 22nd, fought Ace Romero, with Special Guest Referee Brian Fury, which is undoubtedly the biggest match of his entire wrestling career!

3. Ace Romero

Ace Romero
Ace Romero

Ace Romero more than anybody else on the Limitless Wrestling roster, has been put to the test of superiority on several occasions.

It’s incredible when wrestlers can experiment with new styles and finally adapt to them, but it usually begins with a feeling of fear. Ace Romero isn’t one of them.

Ace has fought six first-time opponents this year, which includes his first-ever real deathmatch inside a Limitless Wrestling ring.

And the results show that Ace Romero won six out of his seven Limitless bouts this year, defeating Ethan Page, Donovan Dijak, Michael Elgin, and Keith Lee.

He fought his former tag team partner Anthony Greene, to seal his seventh win this year.

4. Skylar

Skylar’s rise from her Limitless in-ring debut in October 2016 to this year has been incredible.

She has fought and defeated the likes of Jeremy Leary, Tyler Nitro, and Cam Zagami this year alone.

She also fought Willow Nightingale at “Question The Answers’ ‘ after a three-month hiatus!

5. AR Fox

AR Fox
AR Fox

AR Fox falling below Ace Romero on a results sheet may not appear to be an upset.

For the past two years, we’ve seen these two trading wins and losses on several occasions.

However, when AR Fox pinned Ace Romero in July, he accomplished something that nobody had done.

6. Jay Freddie

Jay Freddie
Jay Freddie

If you’ve been following the fights in Limitless Wrestling recently, you’ve probably come across the name Jay Freddie.

From early opportunities with Ring of Honor to tours with Wrestle-1 in Japan, Freddie’s career has been quite smooth.

Freddie has been progressive since his Limitless debut in March, with an easy win over another limitless fighter. Chris Dickinson and a loss to Anthony Henry.

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