What Does ‘Burial/Buried’ Mean In Pro Wrestling?

When it comes to wrestling, there are many terminologies used, such as the hard way juice, heels, heat, and the burial. 

Today we would be looking at the meaning of the term “burial or buried” in Pro-wrestling.

What Does the Term ‘Burial/Buried’ Mean in Pro wrestling?

The term burial or buried is a systematic form of punishment in wrestling.

A burial happens due to an actual dispute and quarrel between a wrestler and the show’s promoter. 

A burial act is carried out to degrade a wrestler and kick them downstairs. The wrestler’s stock is purposely lowered by performing in demeaning storylines and consistently losing multiple fights. 

A burial doesn’t only occur because of a quarrel. Sometimes it is used for wrestlers who the company thinks are not meeting up with their full potentials. 

A burial act is popularly carried out by giving the wrestler a bad name during a show’s promo. It does not mean every wrestler that gets called out during a show has been buried. Sometimes it is just part of the storyline.

A wrestler that has been buried or is being buried will engage in degrading storylines and have a losing record for their stocks to go down and lose fans. It is why it is considered ‘a punishment.’

Vince McMahon is known to be always in control of the storylines, if he doesn’t like a wrestler he instantly buries them out of his organization

Famous Examples of Burials in pro wrestling

1. Mike Kanellis

The burial of Mike Kanellis is one we still remember. His spouse buried him! Becky Lynch. 

Mike Kanellis
Mike Kanellis

Mike and his spouse Becky lynch, had recently signed new deals when they informed the management, they were expecting a child. The management felt this new development would scatter existing storylines in place.

They decided to bury Mike by having Becky reveal her pregnancy during a mix-tag match between Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins vs. Mike. Becky degraded her spouse by saying he wasn’t man enough to get her pregnant while he sat there and took it.

After this, it was a losing streak for Mike Kanellis, who requested his release in July 2019.

2. Mickie James

Mickie James
Mickie James

Mickie James was buried in 2009 because the show was not happy about her weight gain. She was made to perform in degrading storylines that trolled her about her weight, even as far as wearing pig-shaped cosplay costumes.

A storyline we would never be quick to forget was when she was forced fed a pig-shaped cake! Of course, this kind of burial would not fly in this modern-day and age!

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