How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling?

DDT Pro-Wrestling is an entertainment organization that has its viewers globally.

Every fan needs a go-to platform that shows former matches, twists, press conferences and so on, just because some matches are worth watching over and over.

However, some people find it hard to get such platforms outside Japan. Here, we would give ways of watching DDT Pro-Wrestling globally.

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1. DDT Universe

How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling
How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling

This website provides its subscribers with all the fanfare in the championships linked with DDT Pro-Wrestling, including the Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, where female wrestlers are shown.

The website does not offer free streaming, but you need to subscribe periodically to enjoy the full advantages of the website.

You can watch live matches and old matches on the site. While the site shows these matches in Japanese, you can translate some of the written texts on the website using Google Translator.

2. Fite TV

How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling
How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling

Fite TV is an online platform that shows different fighting genres, including Pro-Wrestling, DDT Pro-Wrestling.

The platform is a paid platform that offers commentaries for many old matches in Japanese and English.

Apart from the matches, it has other perks such as a calendar for the following games, news regarding DDT Pro-Wrestling, links to watching iconic DDT Pro-Wrestling matches, etc.

You can also streamline your streaming by your favorite wrestler, where you watch their fights only.

The commentary available in English makes the website an amazing one.

3. YouTube

How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling
How to watch DDT Pro-Wrestling

While there is no dedicated page on YouTube that shows live matches and old matches, you can find some pages that periodically show old matches, and when you are lucky, you find live matches there.

These pages try to analyze the old matches, make commentaries in English, and interpret what was said in Japanese to English.

These pages are readily available for viewing any time of the day.

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