Is WWE A Monopoly? How WWE dominated Pro Wrestling?

In this article, you will find answers to:

  • Has WWE become a monopoly?
  • How WWE dominated the pro wrestling scene?
  • How did WWE buy out all its competitors?
  • Does WWE have any competitors right now?
  • How has Vince McMahon never been investigated or sued for monopoly?

Has WWE become a monopoly?

There are mixed opinions within the pro wrestling community over the debate of WWE monopolizing the entire pro wrestling world.

There is a big difference between being the biggest and being a monopoly.

WWE is both!

Although WWE has differentiated itself from traditional wrestling like World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), it threw them out of competition.

Due to its popularity, it is considered that WWE is holding a monopoly not only in North America but in the entire world. It has great influence over the entire wrestling world and affects the lives of wrestlers at all levels of professional wrestling.

How WWE dominated the pro wrestling scene?

In the early days of the WWE, each organization had its territory, just like in the mafia world.

  • The National Wrestling Alliance (NWA) held southwestern territory.
  • Southwest was dominated by the American Wrestling Alliance (AWA).
  • WWF controlled the North East.
  • Additionally, Texas and Florida had their own associations.

Until their contracts expired, wrestlers did not move from organization to organization, neither owner invaded the territory of another or took another’s wrestlers.

But the tradition changed when WWE’s promoter McMahon entered this arena. He made this territorial sport global and dethroned the monopoly of the previous ones.

How did WWE buy out all its competitors?

WWE dominated the Pro Wrestling scene by purchasing its main US competitors, such as Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW).

The tables turned when WWE, then known as WWF got the cable and stepped forward to dominate the mainstream media.

Now, WWE has almost 1.5 billion followers over social media, it runs two very popular cable shows, and has five hours of live transmission per week on USA Network along with multiple reality shows, video games, toys, and a film studio.

The company generated more than $ 974.2 million U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020.

With new billion-dollar television contracts and talent acquisitions, the company continues to consolidate and recruit talent from smaller promotions around the world.

WWE will snatch up more indie workers, while smaller promotions will struggle.

Does WWE have any competitors right now?

There are some other wrestling companies like AEW that are trying to compete with WWE but Triple H jokes that Vince will do the same thing he did with WCW and ECW and buy out AEW.

nobody denies the fact that Vince McMahon has purposefully placed WWE in a position to make any other company’s success virtually impossible.

How has Vince McMahon never been investigated or sued for monopoly?

There are many reasons why Vince McMahon was never been sued for monopoly.

The top three are given below:

1. No Physical Product

Vince McMahon wasn’t sued for Antitrust violation because these laws are intended to combat companies that control physical products (paper, pen, makeup, crockery, etc) while the WWE sells “Entertainment”.

2. WWE is more entertainment than wrestling

WWE may not be monopolizing the entire market directly as it has established itself as an entertainment company.

As its name suggests, World Wrestling Entertainment WWE claims to be like any other entertainment company such as Walt Disney Co., Comcast Corp, etc.

3. WWE paid a heavy price for WCE & ECW

The ‘survival of the fittest’ process worked in favor of WWE.

WCW and ECW couldn’t cope with the growing competition of WWE. As a result, WCW and ECW were forced to sell their assets which McMahon bought at a very fair and expensive price.

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