Who Are The Best Wrestlers in Reality Of Wrestling (ROW)?

In this article, you will find a list of the best wrestlers in Reality of Wrestling (ROW).

Please keep in mind that some of these wrestlers are free agents and wrestle for different promotions at the same time.

1. Moonshine Mantell

moonshine mantell
Moonshine Mantell

Ryan Greeness, known to the world of ROW as Moonshine Mantell, is a ROW Texas Champion, who took the title by defeating Ryan Davidson in 2019.

In his childhood, he was the kid who hated the world of wrestling and made fun of his friends who were proud wrestling fans. Inspired by Sting, and other notable wrestlers, he decided to give wrestling a chance and since then he never looked back.

Often deemed by the press as the hidden gem in the world of Independent Wrestling, he quickly found a place in the heart of wrestling fans with his powerful performance and acts. He is often seen in reality television taking part in iMPACT wrestling.

2. Booker T 

Booker T
Booker T

One of the greatest wrestlers in the history of wrestling, Booker T is a 6-time world championship holder, winning the WCW World Heavyweight Championship five times, and WWE’s World Heavyweight Championship once. 

Now, he is the founder and owner of the independent wrestling promotional event, the Reality of Wrestling, founded in the year 2005. Known to be a trainer and a mentor, he has inspired and groomed thousands of budding wrestlers to make them the best in their field. 

In recent times, fans can find him taking part in various promotional events and matches to spread the love of wrestling and inspire new wrestling amateurs.

3. Abel Andrew Jackson

Abel Andrew Jackson
Abel Andrew Jackson

Mantell vs Abel Andrew Jackson (ROW) – Rise to Wrestling Royalty

Abel Andrew Jackson, also known as Ray Neico, is the first-ever reality heavyweight Champion, having received the title in the summer of 2007 by defeating Chris Admas.

Formerly trained by Booker T, he is now the face of ROW, taking part in promotional events to further the organization’s cause, with the belief that the world of ROW is the best because it has the guidance and influence of one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of wrestling, Booker T. 

Currently, his mission is to improve the world of professional wrestling, by incorporating creativity, regulations, and better performances in matches.

4. Jenna Lynn

Jenna Lynn
Jenna Lynn

Having debuted under the nickname Rookie Jen, Jenna Lynn has her signature style and aura in the world of Reality of Wrestling. Formerly trained in Karate and martial arts, she brings in her initial training to her current matches.

Fans adore her because she is quick with using her hands and feet to bring down her opponents.  

Moreover, it is often said that she has the power to draw in her audience, giving powerful, emotional performances. Known to have an expressive face, Jenna’s techniques and thoughts are visible on her face – every time she tenses up or plans an attack – every move can be read on her face, making her matches emotionally mighty and influential.

5. Rok C

Rok C
Rok C

Just 19 years old but deeply loved by her fan, Carla Gonzalez, also known as Rok C, is way ahead on her ride to a world of wrestling fame. Originally trained by Booker T, she is a rising talent and the current Ring of Honor World Champion.

Holding the position as the youngest ROH Women’s World Champion, she received the title by defeating Miranda Alize in the Women’s Championship at Death Before Dishonor.

Fun Fact – She is a huge fan of Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, so much that she had to include his name in her ring name, Rok C.

6. Will Allday

Will Allday
Will Allday

Known for making statement entrances, Will All day is famous for his signature moves – Flying Knee, TKO, Crossbody, Spinebuster.

A former Rice University graduate, he was all set to live the life of an ordinary American – a well-paying job, marriage, and kids. 

However, he chose to give all that away to chase his dream for something big and grand. All it took him was seeing a Reality of Wrestling match on television, and out flew his restrain. Next, he visited Booker T’s gym, took few classes, and found himself enjoying the sport.  

Now, he is the current Texas Champion, received the title in the summer of 2021 by defeating Cameron Cole.

7. AQA


AQA doing a shooting star press at women’s fatal four-way match

Angela Arnold, also known in ROW as Angela Quentina Arnold, is a two-time Reality of Wrestling Diamonds Division Champion. Trained by Booker T, she has made quite a statement in Impact Wrestling, Pride and Joy, and RISE.

However, she quit ROW to join the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) at the starting of 2021, under a new name as Zayda Ramier.

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