How Can I Watch Pro Wrestling Noah?

Recently, watching pro wrestling NOAH has been made easier thanks to the various affordable streaming services available, both in and out of Japan.

Fans can now enjoy live shows on TV, online live streaming, and other updated options such as YouTube.

Here, we look at all available options for anyone looking to watch live Noah shows or updated match replays over the years.

Where can I watch pro wrestling Noah Live on TV with English commentary?


WRESTLE UNIVERSE is the top streaming site for live Pro wrestling Noah shows.

To stream live shows, users need to pay a monthly subscription fee of 900 yen. Subscribers can pay through credit cards or PayPal.

WRESTLE UNIVERSE airs most of its live NOAH shows in Japanese. The site also airs some big shows live with English commentary.

Besides live shows, WRESTLE UNIVERSE uploads older shows and replays of previous Noah matches.

You can check out your favorite wrestler and enjoy all their matches within your original subscription.

2. Fite TV

Fite TV is another alternative live streaming site for pro wrestling Noah shows.

Fite requires a subscription but is one of the best options if you prefer to watch on TV.

It’s also one of the best options because of the English commentary option. Besides, fans and subscribers outside Japan can also enjoy pro wrestling NOAH shows.

Fite TTV allows you to connect your mobile device and your smart TV with the help of an app to enable you to watch live.

After downloading and opening the Fite app, connect your smart TV to the same Wi-Fi network as your mobile device, and you’ll instantly get the connection and enjoy the option to watch live on TV.


FORJOYTV is the best option if you’re looking to stream live or watch recently uploaded shows.

However, this channel only airs shows in Japanese. So far, it doesn’t offer English commentary.

Besides, you can watch live on TV by purchasing the Amazon Firestick, as this will allow you to enjoy a bigger screen.

In addition, FORJOYTV has a mobile application and an online website from which you can stream anywhere anytime.

FORJOYTV is a good subscription option as the channel often airs rosters for upcoming matches and interviews.

Which other sites can I use to watch pro wrestling NOAH online?

1. Nippon TV G+

NTV G+ broadcasts NOAH shows from time to time, including recent news, highlights, and upcoming match updates. It’s a free broadcaster that’s available online and aired in Japanese.

The only problem with watching NTV G+ online is the viewership restriction to Japan.

Nonetheless, you can still use your preferred VPN to bypass such hindrances.

2. Samurai

You can live stream Samurai TV on Nimo TV, as the free online stream is facilitated by a streamer known as Free Fire. Samurai TV is also in Japanese.

3. ISakura

ISakura is another perfect option for streaming both on the app, on TV, and via the website.

ISakura broadcasts in Japanese, and you’ll need a subscription to enjoy live NOAH shows as well as other pro wrestling matches, highlights, and news.

You can pay for and watch ISakura on Japan Satellite Television (JSTV) if you live in Europe, and TVJapan on Cable TV if you live in the US.

4. YouTube

Pro-Wrestling Noah is the official YouTube channel.

Here, you can find most of the updated uploads and highlights on previous pro wrestling Noah matches.

For some time, this channel used to air live matches. But it’s been a while since that happened.

YouTube uploads are very insightful, especially if you’re starting your journey as a new pro wrestling Noah fan.

Where can I get information about live matches, times, and dates?

Remember to follow pro wrestling Noah on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates and info about upcoming matches.

Following these social media pages will also give you a close peek into pre and post-match interviews, highlights, and insights on opponents and their fights.

You can also get the most important info on Twitter and Instagram concerning match dates, their exact times, and the perfect streaming sites to enjoy the live shows. So, don’t miss out!

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