Why Does WWE Use “Superstars” Instead of “Wrestlers”?

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  • Why does WWE call it “sports entertainment” instead of “pro wrestling”?
  • Why does WWE call its athletes “superstars” instead of “wrestlers”?

Why does WWE call it “sports entertainment” instead of “pro wrestling”?

The main core value of the WWE is entertainment, pro wrestling is a completion. And we all know by now that the WWE is anything but a competition with literally every single thing that goes on in it being scripted and very well-choreographed too.

Below we shall look at some of the factors that led WWE to use “sports entertainment” instead of “pro wrestling”:

1. In essence, the whole thing is scripted and the matches are pre-determined, so it is all a performance and not real wrestling.

So calling it ‘wrestling’ would not be entirely correct.

All in all, the whole show is meant for entertainment purposes.

2. Vince McMahon needed to separate his company from actual sports, which would put him under the umbrella of state sports associations and therefore, cost him a lot of money in taxes.
Also, he was tired of people saying that his show was fake so adding the word ‘Entertainment’ to the company’s name put all that fuss to rest.

3. In 2002, Vince McMahon changed his company’s name from World Wrestling Federation (WWF) as it was known through most of the 90s, to World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as it is now known.

Vince was forced to drop the WWF trademark after being taken to court by the World Wildlife Fund for trademark infringement. World Wildlife Fund won the case so Vince had to make some adjustments to his trademark.

4. And lastly, the company now ventures into so much more than just wrestling.

They are involved in the production of movies, podcasts, some TV shows, and documentaries as well.

Here is a list of banned words that commentators and announcers should never use in WWE

banned words by WWE

Why does WWE call its athletes “superstars” instead of “wrestlers”?

WWE refers to its performers as ‘Superstars’ because, in essence, what they do in the ring is not real wrestling.

In simple terms, it is all a fake sport, the outcomes are predetermined. So calling them wrestlers would frankly be quite off the mark.

In big WWE events, Vince McMahon is known to be always screaming and shouting at the commentators through their earpieces for using words he doesn’t like such as “pro wrestling” and “pro wrestlers”.

Angry Vince Mcmahon

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