Does AEW Treat its Wrestlers Better Than WWE (Payment, etc.)?

Does AEW treat their wrestlers better than WWE?

Professional wrestling is a great sport, and it can be filled with hair-raising and heart-pounding excitement. Similarly, it can come with its fair share of problems.

Some wrestlers might not get enough TV time or might be given fringe roles to play, and their careers tail off from there.

Fringe parts have been one of the major reasons for switches between promotions among other things.

This then begs the question: Does AEW treat their wrestlers better than the WWE?

Some opinions on the matter might be swayed especially with the recent development of WWE declaring profits and still letting go of several wrestlers.

Asides from making promises that are either unclear or sketchy with the contracts put in front of wrestlers, as seen with the shocking move of one of the NXT’s most loved Adam Cole and a host of other wrestlers.

How much do AEW wrestlers get paid?

AEW wrestlers earn an average of $300,000 annually, although the highest-paid wrestler in the promotion Jon Moxley is paid upwards of 5.9 million dollars annually which is then followed by veterans like Chris Jericho, Kenny Omega, and Cody Rhodes who take home about 3 million dollars annually.

Earnings have not been the only way that the AEW has treated their wrestlers better, but the packages that come with the payment are extended to all in the AEW like travel packages while the WWE only cater to top-carder wrestlers, veterans, and invitees.

Does AEW provide healthcare for its wrestlers?

According to Chris Jericho in an interview with Jesse “The Body” Ventura on the “World of Jesse” show, the AEW will provide healthcare and dental care.

He further went on to distinguish the AEW as more of a team-oriented promotion contrary to the more personalized way of treating wrestlers associated with the WWE.

Does WWE pay for medicals?

WWE is one of the biggest professional wrestling promotions in the industry and they ensure that their wrestlers (superstars) as they are referred to are paid very well.

Unfortunately, the company does not pay for the medical or healthcare of their wrestlers as their contracts regard them as independent contractors.

It is simply a case of cost-effective management on the side of McMahon as the salary paid to his superstars is believed to be sufficient to handle any accidents that require extensive medical care.

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  1. Wwe imyop will always be the top promotions in the world of pro wrestling. I like Aew but they will hit road blocks with things in todays world thats changed alot. So old school is a good school lol

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