Do Pro Wrestlers Rehearse? Is WWE Scripted or Improv?

Do professional wrestlers rehearse?

Before their debuts, WWE superstars undergo rigorous training in special wrestling schools. The training aims to familiarize each wrestler with different performance tactics.

This way, they’ll know the right moves to make in the arena.

Most wrestlers discuss the match and prepare before they get onstage. The purpose of rehearsals is to get a rough idea of the opponent’s moves and minimize chances of playing amateur.

However, professional wrestlers do not rehearse the entire match. Most of the time, they already know the match outcomes.

In such situations, the wrestlers are only more concerned with giving the viewers a lively performance.

Therefore, the wrestlers can choose to rehearse depending on how quickly and effectively they can predict each other’s skills. This way, they can make the match seem more authentic.

In addition, during the match, wrestlers can opt to ‘call spots,’ an action that allows opponents to tell each other their forthcoming skills and prepare them in advance.

‘Calling spots’ requires practice. Wrestlers can call spots by communicating with the referee or whispering to the opponent when in their tight and close proximity.

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Does WWE have rehearsals?

Occasionally, WWE allows its superstars to rehearse on their own before heading for a match. Regardless, WWE provides rehearsal sessions for its athletes, usually during house shows.

Rehearsals are very helpful because wrestlers can gauge the extremes of each skill.

Besides, rehearsals put them in a better position to avoid accidents that could cause possible injury.

WWE also holds rehearsals to highlight dangerous spots, allow wrestlers to learn new moves, and help them identify new skills, perfect their performances and make them more realistic.

Here is a leaked video of The Undertaker rehearsing

Is WWE scripted or improv?

Scripting is a big part of WWE. Nonetheless, wrestlers can improvise and apply their techniques throughout the match, provided they stick to the script’s ending.

WWE allows wrestlers to improvise for entire matches — they allow opponents to call spots.

In so doing, they can advance a particular storyline in the development of a specific character. However, improvisations can only go as far as local shows.

In main events, Vince himself and the scripting team tell the wrestlers what to do.

They come up with ideas that would suit the performance and obviously, make Mr. McMahon richer.
Here’s a picture of a WWE script.

WWE script
WWE script

Sometimes pro wrestlers enter the ring without knowing the outcome of the match.

The superstars can call spots and pull stunts at each other until Vince gets bored and decides the winner.

The referee will get the message through an earpiece and then inform the wrestlers, who will wrap the show, lose or win, and head backstage.

In a nutshell, scripting or improvisation in WWE depends on the following factors: the type and experience of wrestlers, the event, the time, location, and circumstances surrounding the event.

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