What Is A Jobber In Pro Wrestling?

Not all pro wrestlers are meant to be superstars, some are meant to shine, others are meant to help them shine, the losers are called jobbers.

Jobbers are extremely essential to the pro wrestling business, their main role is to lose to the other guy and make them look good.

A pro wrestling show is a team product, it takes more than one to make it work, each pro wrestler has their role to make the final product.

A jobber who is skilled at enhancing the match is called a carpenter as opposed to a rookie or part-timer.

Being a jobber requires high skills

Being a jobber requires talent and great skills, your role as a jober is NOT ONLY TO LOSE, your role is to get the other guy over and let them show their skills.

Pros of Being a jobber: 

  1. Jobbers have work all the time

Jobbers are highly demanded in the market of pro wrestling, especially if they are highly skilled in making the other guy shine. 

A good skillful jobber will always find work in local promotions.

  1. Great training partners

To be a jobber you have to have a healthy ego, you have to let your training partner do their move without much resistance from you, this will give them the chance to learn.

A pro wrestler with a huge ego may find it difficult to submit themselves to their training partner and let them drill their technique without resistance.

Cons of being a jobber: Jobbers never reach stardom

Jobbers will always stay in the shadows, no promotion is willing to invest in a jobber. After all, in the eyes of the audience they are just losers, and nobody likes losers in life.

A pro wrestler doesn’t become a superstar without the help of marketing, big promoters have to invest in a wrestler to become a superstar, and no promoter is willing to do that for a jobber.

A jobber has to be a “good hand”

A “good hand” in professional wrestling circuits is someone who other pro wrestlers enjoy working with.

A “good hand” provides the right intensity to a pro wrestling match, they don’t go very aggressive to the point of injuring their partner, but at the same time they know how to show impact and explosiveness.

Being a “good hand” is an essential skill for a jobber to acquire, other wrestlers should be able to trust him/her with their body without the fear of getting injured.

It goes without saying that a jobber has always to have good intentions and no ill-will towards their partners, after all, they are here to help.

Justin Credible spent his whole career being a jobber, listen to his point of view and how he sees his job

Famous Jobbers

Damien Sandow

Damien Sandow





Heath Slater

Heath Slater

The Brooklyn Brawler

The Brooklyn Brawler

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