Top 9 Wrestlers Of Ring Of Honor

In this post, you will find the top 9 wrestlers of Ring Of Honor:


Jay Briscoe

Jay Briscoe started in CZW (Combat Zone Wrestling) and has been on the professional wrestling path since he made his CZW debut.

He currently holds the Tag-team championships with his brother in both the R.O.H and NJPW making him one-half of the first wrestlers to hold titles across two brands.

Jay Briscoe’s precise and methodical fight patterns make him a veteran of the game. 


Jay Lethal
Jay Lethal

Jay Lethal also known as “The Franchise” is an all-time great of Ring of Honor.

After making his debut in 2003, he went on to become the first and currently the only holder of both the ROH world championship and ROH world television title simultaneously.

Lethal has also won every single title that the Ring of Honor franchise had to offer, He also has one of the longest reigns in the company history superseding Samoa Joe. 


El Toro Blanco aka Rush
El Toro Blanco aka Rush

Rush (El Toro Blanco)  made his professional debut at the end of 2018, he is one of the biggest names in Mexican professional wrestling and the leader of a faction known as Los Ingobernables (The Ungovernables).

El Toro Blanco (The White Bull) as he is known in the faction has continually put the R.O.H roster on notice with his power in numbers from his action and also his in-ring performances that show off his strength and high-flying abilities.


Jeff Cobb
Jeff Cobb

Cobb is a Guamanian who has participated in the 2004 Olympics for his nation.

He broke into the wrestling scene from the Lucha Underground under the ring name Matanza.

Cobb gained recognition during his stint with Pro Wrestling Guerillain California.

He made it by interrupting the TPT (Top prospect Tournament) Pay-per-view twice, He then showed his raw power with his showing against Punishment Martinez where he decimated Martinez in less than 2 minutes. 


Tyler Bateman
Tyler Bateman

Dangerous, Sociopath these are a few words that describe Tyler Bateman.

Bateman the self-proclaimed “handsome sociopath with violent tendencies”  has become a force to be reckoned with in the Ring of Honor franchise.

His devastating shows of violence were elevated when he joined forces with Vincent in “the righteous” one of the most dominant factions in Ring of Honor history. 



A rising star who had his R.O.H debut in 2018, Bandido has become one of the New generation wrestlers touted for greatness in the professional wrestling circuit.

Bandido possesses amazing strength while maintaining the high-flying moves of the Luchadores.

He competed with Rey Horus and Flamita in the R.O.H 6-man tag team match where his team emerged as winners.  

7. Brody King

7.  Brody King
Brody King

Full beard and an all-action fighting style Brody King makes the list at number 7.

His amateur background and size-defying ability on the ropes make him quite the wrestler.

After signing his contract at the end of 2018, Brody King took Ring of Honor by storm co-holding the ROH World Tag Team Title and ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Title at the same time in 2019.


Mark Briscoe
Mark Briscoe

Brother to Jay Briscoe and the other half of the R.O.H 11 time Tag team champions, Mark Briscoe is quite the opposite of his more methodical brother’s fighting style, Mark tends to rely on his strength and agility more to get him through matches.


Adam Brooks

Adam Brooks joined the R.O.H as a veteran of the professional wrestling world from Australia.

He signed officially at the end of 2019 but was restricted from performing till 2020 due to the global pandemic.

He has had some exciting matches with some of the best that ring of honor has to offer and more than held his own with the likes of Jay Lethal, Brody King, Bandido to mention a few.

Adam Brooks’ intelligence in the ring will prove to be one of his most valuable assets to propel him to the top. 

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