What is a Lumberjack Match? What Are Its Rules?

WWE offers different kinds of exciting and intense WWE wrestling matches that have the fans going hysterical with curiosity and loads of questions. 

Examples of different matches are the blindfold cast, sole fights, empty arena, cage fight, iron man, and the lumberjack match. 

Have you wanted to know in clear terms what the Lumberjack match is all about?

Today, we will be explicitly discussing the lumberjack match and the rules guiding this intense sport!

What is a Lumberjack Match?

Lumberjack Match in pro wrestling
Lumberjack Match

It is a type of wrestling where the fighters in the ring are surrounded by face and heels wrestlers who wait outside the ring. 

The wrestlers standing outside the ring are called the lumberjacks. 

They stand outside the ring to ensure the fighters stay in the ring, leaving no chance for the fighter to avoid a beating or a count loss. 

When a wrestler gets thrown out of the fighting arena, the lumberjacks give them a good beating before throwing them back to face their opponent and finish the fight!

A lumberjack match can consist of two or more wrestlers in the ring. 

How are the Lumberjacks picked?

The lumberjacks in a lumberjack match are mainly divided between the faces and heels. There are also matches where the lumberjacks are neutral parties.

If the lumberjacks are a team of heels and faces, the lumberjacks will choose to attack only wrestlers on the opposition team. 

Keep in mind that the wrestlers that get thrown out don’t always get a beating.

If a wrestler lands in a friendly crowd of lumberjacks, he is given time to get his wind back before being lightly thrown back into the ring.

But in lumberjack matches where the lumberjacks are neutral parties, they will charge at any wrestler that gets thrown out of the ring. 

There are also times where both wrestlers manage to get thrown out together trying to overpower the other.

The lumberjacks will attack both wrestlers in this case before tossing them back in.

Lumberjack Match in pro wrestling
Lumberjack Match in WWE

Batista attempted to throw Shawn over the ring, but Shawn managed to drag him along.

The neutral lumberjacks immediately stormed at both parties before hurling them inside.

Now that we know what a Lumberjack match is, what are the rules guiding a lumberjack match?

What Are the Rules of a Lumberjack Match?

  1. The lumberjacks aren’t permitted to enter the ring during a fight. However, this rule has been disrupted and disobeyed many times.
  1. The lumberjacks must toss the fighter back into the ring to avoid delaying a loss count.
  1. Lumberjacks aren’t imposed to attack or fight any wrestler. But the fighter must be hurled back inside the ring.
  1. The lumberjacks may also charge and assault each other outside the ring. It all depends on the current storyline and the wrestlers’ current alignment.
  1. A lumberjack match is won the same way as a single match, through submission, pinfall, knockout, or a loss count.

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