How To Watch Lucha Libre AAA?

Lucha Libre AAA is a Mexican wrestling promotion that was founded in 1992. it is based in Mexico City, Mexico.

Only wrestling fans living in Mexico can enjoy live shows of the AAA on TV. 

The rest of us living in countries outside of Mexico have to go online if we are to enjoy the fast-paced and exciting wrestling style of the AAA. 

1. Twitch

If you wish to watch AAA shows then Twitch would be the best option for you.

And even though it airs the show at irregular times, the English commentary is not so bad and the quality of the videos has also improved a lot in recent months.

2. YouTube

On most Sunday nights you can catch an episode of the AAA on their YouTube channel.

The YouTube show is always weeks behind the live show and even the Twitch stream by at least 3 weeks or so give or take.

This usually includes few matches and character content too with individual matches being uploaded later on in the week. 

3. Facebook

Fans can also stream some of the AAA matches on Facebook but this can be quite hit or miss as a lot of the content never makes it to the platform. 

4. Pluto TV

Here you can watch episodes of the AAA and it is quite similar to what fans see on Twitch but they show different episodes at different times. 

5. Mexico TV

For those living in Mexico, the AAA airs on 3 networks:

  • Azteca7: On Fridays at 4.30 pm CT
  • Space: Fridays at 6.30 pm CT
  • Multimedios: Sundays 3.00 pm

Multimedios is available in some US cable channels and Space airs in a lot of the South American countries as well. 

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