Is it “Indy” or “Indie” in Pro Wrestling?

“Indy” and “Indie” are used to refer to independent professional wrestling promotions or minor leagues that are not televised.

Both spellings “Indy” and “Indie” are correct.

Usage of the terms

In the professional wrestling slang, the term “Indie” or “Indy” is used as follows:

Indies or indie promotions: pro wrestling promotions in the independent circuit.

In the indies/working the indies: A wrestler who works in the indie circuit

Outside of Professional wrestling

Indy may refer to the Indy 500, Indy car (the league and the cars).

Indy with a proper noun capital “I” refers to the city of Indianapolis.

Indie may refer to independent music, film, comics, etc.

Here is a list of the best indie promotions in professional wrestling (You can click on any promotion to watch its video library)

We have exluded non-active promotions from the list

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