What Are Low Carders & Mid Carders In Pro Wrestling?

Like most organizations, there are levels of importance accorded to different individuals based on several attributes, performances, and results.

This arrangement also exists in professional wrestling and is divided into grades known as carders. 

What is a low carder in pro wrestling? 

Low carder wrestling refers to wrestlers at the bottom of their promotion’s roster, and are usually given the opening acts at Pay Per View events before the main show.

In its right is not always a reflection of the wrestler’s overall ability, but it just means they have a fair way to go before they can be headliners in their promotions.  

Low-carders are sometimes used in squash matches where they simply show up to get pummeled by their opposition.

Unfortunately, a lot of the wrestlers that find themselves in this category find it extremely hard to break through to even mid-carder levels in their promotion due to the characters that they are asked to portray or storylines they are given to act out. 

What is a mid-carder in pro wrestling?

Mid-carder wrestling refers to the wrestling done by wrestlers who have a bit of standing with their promotions and have better chances at the lesser championships or in rare cases get the chance at proper championship matches.

The probability of them getting those matches lies in their abilities whether in-ring or on the mic and the ability to get the fans on their side.

A classic example of this is the championship match between Kofi Kingston and Daniel Bryan in 2019 when the new day pushed the narrative of Kofi being a long-standing member of the roster without a single WWE world heavyweight champion opportunity for eleven years.

Mid-carder wrestlers are usually great at one of two things, they are either good at wrestling or good on the mic but almost never good at both.

Below is a list of 10 Famous Low carder and Mid Carder wrestlers, this list was created solely due to preference and is not the reflection of their positions in their respective promotions.



  • Great Khali 
  • Santino Marella 
  • Lucha House party 
  • James Ellsworth 
  • Jonathan Coachman 
  • Hornswoggle
  • Mr Kennedy 
  • Jinder Mahal 
  • Sammy Zayn 
Vince McMahon is known to be in control of every detail in WWE’s cards; wrestlers, storylines, etc.


  • Kofi Kingston
  • Jeff Hardy 
  • Kevin Owens 
  • The Miz 
  • John Morrison
  • Big E 
  • Shelton Benjamin 

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