How Often WWE Superstars Travel? Who Pays For Expenses?

How often are WWE superstars on the road?

Due to their busy schedules, wrestlers spend three to four days moving from one arena to another.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are reserved for RAW house shows, whereas Saturday, Sunday, and Monday are purely for Smackdown house shows.

RAW is aired on Monday, while the SmackDown broadcast features on Tuesday.

The only days pro wrestlers rest are Wednesday and Thursday as they get days off or attend press briefings.

Stone Cold Steve Austin in an airport
Stone Cold Steve Austin in an airport

Do WWE stars pay for travel?

Pro wrestlers at WWE either prefer road or air travel.

Contrary to common belief, a WWE superstar is not an employee of WWE but rather an independent contractor.

Therefore, every dime received by the wrestler depends on the nature of their contract with the WWE.

Nonetheless, in main events, WWE provides transport for its superstars.

It’s only a matter of personal preference and/or the need to cut costs when an athlete chooses to travel on their own by car.

Besides, most wrestlers prefer to carpool with friends or athletes who share the same rosters.

Which superstars hardly pay for travel?


Top-tier athletes like The Miz, Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar enjoy fully paid trips to WWE events.

In addition, the most celebrated pro wrestlers get first-class flights and lavish travels to WWE arenas, both in and outside the United States.

Do WWE wrestlers fly private?


Generally, flying private as a wrestler depends on the nature of your event and the type of contract.

Specific wrestlers enjoy flying privately while most others are offered regular flights to and from WWE events’ destinations.

The highlight of WWE’s private flights was the 2021 Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

We witnessed renowned athletes such as Roman Reigns and The Uso Brothers flying into Saudi Arabia in their private jet.

Does the WWE pay for hotels?

Most WWE shows rotate around similar locations. Therefore, the company pays for hotels and other accommodation charges to make it more convenient for wrestlers to perform.

WWE often considers renting the best hotels for their superstars. The management team prefers picking locations with inclusive accommodation, training, restaurants, and bar facilities.

Regardless, some wrestlers work on tight budgets and hence prefer to use other hotel facilities.

Who pays for overseas expenses?

WWE caters to every superstar’s expenditure outside Canada or the United States. The company meets all flight, accommodation, and road travel expenses.

Overall, more accomplished athletes enjoy more perks, salaries, and luxuries than other upcoming superstars, who get basic packages.

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