What Is Chain Wrestling? (Pro Wrestling)

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  • What is chain wrestling?
  • Examples of chain wrestling sequences

What is chain wrestling?

Chain wrestling is the art of linking a number of moves together without hesitation with the aim of taking down your opponent.

In order to be successful in chain wrestling, a wrestler needs to be very creative, alert and also be able to foresee just how his opponent could attack and counter-attack.

It is also something that has to be learned over time and hardly comes naturally to any given wrestler.

So a lot of training is required to get this art mastered and eventually will make for a much better and well-rounded wrestler in the end.

Most of the world-class wrestlers out there have perfected this art, and now that you know what chain wrestling is, be sure to keep an eye out for it next time you watch a match.

All in all, chain wrestling is a skill that only the most professional wrestlers can pull off with ease and it always makes for a more exciting and very intense match that the fans can’t ever seem to get enough of.

Chris Benoit was famously known for linking three German Suplexes continuously, more commonly known as The Hatrick before proceeding to lock his opponent in his signature move, The Crippler Crossface.

Chris Benoit
Chris Benoit

Examples of chain wrestling sequences

There are a number of wrestlers that we have seen over the years that were nothing short of incredible when it comes to chain wrestling.

Some that I can name off the top of my head would include, CM Punk, AJ Styles, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Volk Han, Rey Mysterio to name a few, and not forgetting Kurt Angle who happens to be a personal favorite of mine.

Example 1: Front Face Lock Reversal

Example 2

Example 3: Hammerlocks and reversals

Example 4: Full Nelson into Dragon Sleeper

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