6 Tips On How To Do A Lock Up In Pro Wrestling

Before we get into the things every young pro wrestler should be aware of when doing a lock up, let’s first define a lock up in pro wrestling.

What is a lock up in pro wrestling?

A lock up is when a pro wrestler has their first contact with their opponent, it is usually a collar and elbow tie-up where each wrestler grabs their opponent behind the neck.

Now that you know what a lock up is, let’s get to the tips you should be aware of when doing it.

6 tips you should know to do the lock up correctly

1. Lazy lock ups are a big no-no!

Don’t ever do a weak lock up, your lock up has to be strong and explosive.

A lock up is supposed to show the audience who is the strongest wrestler.

Also, you shouldn’t be stiff after locking up, it is like a car crash, once two cars crash with an explosive force, the momentum stops, this is how you should do it with your opponent.

If there is one thing that veteran wrestlers hate it is when they work with a stiff greeny (beginner).

With that being said, avoiding being stiff doesn’t mean you should go limp, just control the force and you will be okay.

Lock up in pro wrestling/collar and elbow tie up

2. Make it look real

If you are a heel, strike fear into your opponent’s heart with an aggressive lock up. A heel is supposed to be a strong bully mauling their opponent, so represent the features of a heel in the lock up.

If you are a face, you are supposed to be defiant and brave, your audience has to see that in your lock up, they are counting on you

Show the audience your defiance with:

  • The look in your eyes
  • The way you grip your opponent’s neck
  • The way you refuse to get pushed around by your opponent
Lock up in pro wrestling/collar and elbow tie up

3. Mirror your opponent

Before you engage with your opponent in a lock up you should mirror them.

Usually you start by circling against each other, if your opponent circles right you should circle left, if they circle left you should circle right, if they go forward you should go forward too.

4. Stances

When you shoot for a lock up you should adopt an orthodox stance where your left leg is forward and your right leg is backward. Your opponent should do the same.

Do not stand square footed!

Lock up in pro wrestling/collar and elbow tie up
Left leg Vs. left leg

5. Hand placement

With your left hand, grab your opponent behind the neck, your opponent will do the same with their left hand.

With your right hand, grab your opponent’s elbow and pull it downward.

Lock up in pro wrestling/collar and elbow tie up

6. Don’t stay silent!

While you are engaged in a lock up, don’t work in silence, a lock up is supposed to be a struggle against your opponent, so make it look so by making voices of someone struggling.

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