9 WWE Finishers That Were Successfully Used In MMA


Triple H’s signature finisher is quite effective in the professional wrestling circuit, but its applications in MMA could be quite arguable.

Well, that was until it was used in the UFC 113 fight between Alan Belcher and Patrick Cote, it wasn’t necessarily the finisher but the pedigree setup Cote for Belcher to lock in a blood choke and win the match.



The Brogue Kick is a front kick adaptation from “The Celtic Warrior” Sheamus that has had been so lethal that at one point it was banned because he was knocking too many opponents’ heads off.

The Brogue kick has been used in MMA by Anderson Silva in a fight against Vitor Belfort where he faked a punch then pulled out the brogue kick to devastating effect. What a knockout that was!


Sweet-chin music by the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels is a professional wrestling classic move that has become iconic over the years, the move involved kicking his opponents straight in the chin.

Michael’s theatrics made the move especially iconic, in 2018, in Legacy Fighting Alliance 33, Kevin, “Mr. Nice Guy” Wirth used the move to devastating effect as he landed the sweet chin music on Isaiah Gutierrez just a minute and thirty seconds from the first round ending.

superkick in MMA!
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The calf crusher, calf cutter, or calf slicer is an in-ring move that has been a part of WWE superstar AJ Styles’ arsenal, the move has been modified by different wrestlers but naturally it is a maneuver that involves the initiator wrapping his opponent’s calf around his shin bone while fastening his opponents’ leg in an awkward position.

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The late Eddie Guerrero was one of the first professional wrestlers to make the Suplex wildly famous with his amazing theatrics and incredible charisma, he created the three amigos.

The three amigos were a cumulation of three suplexes, the suplex has never been a maneuver that MMA fighters associate with being a finisher until UFC fighter Rustam Khabilov used it against Vinc Pichel and landed him on the head which caused an instant knockout.


Some might argue that this move was named after the Marvel character and to some extent, there is some truth to it but the superman punch was given its name because it was an all-out punch attack where the fighter is suspended in the air while he recoils his fist and releases a devastating punch.

It has been a feature in quite a few MMA fights by UFC fighter George St. Pierre and is a signature move that he has used in several fights.

In the professional wrestling scene Roman Reigns is an avid user of this maneuver and has quite a lot of success with it.



The powerbomb might seem like a regular feature in both MMA and Professional wrestling but it has been used as a finisher in both sports.

In WWE, there are quite a number of wrestlers who have used and still use the powerbomb with the most notable name being Batista. It was actually referred to as the Batista bomb.

Unlike other moves that require a bit of technicality the powerbomb only requires raw power to execute and has also been featured in MMA as a finisher by “Quinton Rampage” Jackson against Ricardo Arona in Pride FC.


An Armbar is a submission move that was created in Jiu-Jutsu.

The move is carried out on the ground and the initiator lays perpendicular to the other wrestler, while stretching out their hand until he submits to the initiator.

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A popular hold in the MMA fight scene, the Boston crab is a submission move that has been applied as a finishing move in the WWE in the past by Chris Jericho.

Chris Jericho began using his walls of Jericho submission move from his early days and as he continued to grow in fame so did the submission move.

The walls of Jericho has actually been used in MMA as a finisher by Jonno Mears who at the time was an English middleweight fighter.

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