Top 7 Differences Between AEW and WWE

Probably the biggest difference between the two promotions is that WWE is an entertainment company and the AEW, on the other hand, is a professional wrestling company. 

The AEW might be very new to the wrestling industry but as we have seen in recent months, the promotion is proving to be a force to be reckoned with.

Their weekly show, popularly known as Dynamite was much more popular than WWE’s Raw and Smackdown in 2020 which, believe me, is no mean feat. 

Below, you will find the top 7 differences between WWE and AEW:


1. The AEW is way more violent

It is not uncommon to see blood in the AEW and the company is counting on this to bring back old school fans who grew up watching wrestlers getting busted open. 

The AEW has a more physical style of wrestling compared to the now very family-friendly WWE. 

2. Storylines

The AEW is a bit more relaxed when it comes to the storylines running on the show compared to the WWE as the wrestlers are allowed to bring in their own ideas into potential storylines. 

This, in turn, has added to the overall creativity of the show as the wrestlers are allowed to think outside the box.

Storylines are much more wrestler-influenced than in the WWE and even though this has gotten much criticism, it seems to be working out well for the AEW so far.

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3. Wrestling schedules

Performers in the WWE have a tougher work schedule with superstars sometimes needing to be away from friends and family for weeks and even months on end. 

Wrestlers in the AEW only work a maximum of two shows in a week, apart from quarterly pay-per-views where they are needed to put in a bit more work, which if you ask me, is far much more manageable.

4. The WWE has a larger roster

Even though the AEW continues to grow and expand, its roster is still considered limited compared to WWE.

The WWE has literally an army of men and women performing for them every single week.

5. AEW supports other promotions

The AEW often brings in Indie stars for special appearances and has brought in wrestlers from other promotions such as the NWA as well.

The AEW has also been known to trade talent with other promotions such as Lucha Libre AAA which allows them to showcase more wrestlers from other promotions and also test the waters for outsiders who may fit in well with AEW.

6. The WWE has been around for much longer

The WWE has a history that goes back, way back to around 1915 when it was started.

The AEW is fairly recent and was only founded recently on 1st January 2019. 

7. AEW has less TV time and Pay-Per-View

AEW has far less TV time compared to the WWE, and this has both positive and negative aspects to it. 

Less TV time means that there are fewer chances of over-saturating the market.

On the other hand, lesser TV time means that the AEW has fewer opportunities to develop new characters.

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