Are The Tables In WWE Real or Fake?

The tables used in WWE are all made of thin chipboard. They are very fragile and can barely support the weight of a person let alone the impact of a slammed body.

Tables in WWE are made of thin chipboard for two reasons:

  1. The chipboard is very safe for athletes, injuries occur rarely because of it.
  2. The sound when someone’s body is slammed against the chipboard makes the action even greater for the audience.
Pro wrestling tables are easily breakable because they are made of chipboard
Pro wrestling tables are easily breakable because they are made of chipboard

The table trick is very easy to replicate, you can do it with your friends in your backyard.

Take a look at this amazing video

Tables are different in japanese pro wrestling

In Japan, things are different in professional wrestling. The tables there are made of real wood, they never break.

Watch this video

Tables don’t break in Japanese professional wrestling

3 Tips for beginner pro wrestlers to breaking tables

1. Let the promoter know before you break anything

If you are going to wrestle for a small indy promotion, always let the owner know what props do you want to break and see if they agree.

In my experience, if a pro wrestler breaks an item like a table or a chair, the promoter always will make them pay for it, except if they have agreed in advance.

2. Go for 8-foot tables

If you are given the choice, always go for an 8-foot table instead of a 6-foot table.

8 footers are more likely to break because of their length.

3. Don’t remove the metal runner

Don’t remove the metal runner from underneath the table. The metal runner is that metal support underneath the table that gives it its stability.


If you remove the metal runner, the table might snap in half just from having the opponent placed on top of it, the breaking may take place before any moves have occurred.

If the table breaks before it’s supposed to, the audience will notice it and it will make you look bad.

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