What Is The WWE Belt Made of? How Much Is It Worth?

In this article, you will learn about:

  • What is the WWE belt made of?
  • Are the WWE belts real gold and diamonds?
  • Do WWE champions keep their belt?
  • How much is a genuine WWE belt worth?
  • How heavy is the real WWE championship belt?

What is the WWE belt made of?

The straps on WWE belts are designed from black leather. The logos, decorations, and personalized overlays on the center plates are made of different types of metal, such as tin and aluminum alloys.

Replicas cost less than real belts because the quality and time applied in real designs hardly match the effort involved in creating real titles.

But keep in mind that WWE has different belts.

Take a look at these pictures to see the evolution of WWE belts.

Smack Down belts

Smack down belts

RAW belts

RAW belts

NXT belts

NXT belts

Are the WWE belts real gold and diamonds?

In 1989, Ted DiBiase introduced the million-dollar championship after he failed to clinch the WWE championship.

Ted’s championship belt contains three diamonds on the back of the center plate and is almost entirely gold-plated.

On the other hand, WWE belts are made from ordinary metals or alloys.

The small glittery stones embedded within the WWE logo and resembling diamonds are not real diamonds but cubic zirconia, which is cheaper than diamonds but just as shiny.

The most common metals used in designing WWE titles are aluminum and tin plates. The center plates are gold-plated to derive the desired Championship look and feel.

Do WWE champions keep their belt?

WWE superstars keep their titles when they are champions but don’t surrender them to WWE when they lose to other contenders.

When wrestlers lose their titles, they keep their belts with their customized names at home but lose their hold to the title, meaning they can’t walk around in public or attend press briefings with their belts.

For a new champion, a new belt is designed and customized with their names.

How much is a genuine WWE belt worth?

Essentially, the value of a WWE belt varies depending on the title holders or contenders. However, in the making, real WWE belts cost $25,000 to $30,000.

Due to WWE’s advanced and flashy marketing, most people believe WWE belts cost a lot of dough. In reality, most Championships are considered valuable because of the global speculation surrounding the titles.

For example, it’s estimated that the WWE Championship belt cost less than $100,000 to design.

How heavy is the real WWE championship belt?

The title weighs between seven to eight pounds. However, there are claims that the championship belt could weigh up to ten pounds. Replicas are lighter and only weigh up to five pounds.

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