4 Tools To Help You Find Your Gimmick in Pro Wrestling

When it comes to gimmicks in professional wrestling, it seems that they have all been used before and there is nothing left for the upcoming young wrestlers.

In this article, I will give you 4 tools that will help you find your own original gimmick without having to copy from others.

What I suggest is to use these tools several times as an exercise, combine the generated results and try to come up with a complete gimmick for your pro wrestling career.

These tools will help you tremendously in your brainstroming.

1. Random name generator

Link: here

This tool will help you find an original name.

What is good about this tool is that you can select the culture you want your name to be suggested from (African, norse, biblical, mythology, fantasy, etc.)

You can also select the gender of the name and its life back story.

2. Random Character Traits Generator

Link: here

This tool will help you find random traits for your character.

Use it several times as an exercise to combine characters with the names suggested by the previous tool.

This tool suggests three random traits for your character each time you hit the button.

3. Random job/occupation generator

Link: here

Many beginners in professional wrestling don’t know that a gimmick has to be complete.

If you want to convince the audience with your character/gimmick, you have to be fully in control of all the details surrounding it:

  • What is your character’s job?
  • What is your character’s hobby?

This tool will help you define that.

4. Find a catch phrase

Link: here

I’m not saying that catch phrases generated by this tool are all good to be used as part of a gimmick in professional wrestling, but playing with them can help you find yours.

With some tweaks here and there you might find something unique and original, so keep playing with that tool.

Play with the other tools

Putting a character together is no easy task, so make sure to play with the other tools.

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